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The Mercury Diner

(This diner is no longer in operation)

What happens when four business partners decide to buy a very old Airstream trailer and make a restaurant out of it? The Mercury Diner happens!

Last fall Scott and I noticed a very old trailer on Colorado Blvd. at the edge of Manitou Springs. We have always been fascinated with them, but this one was in about as bad of shape as it could possibly be. Next time we saw the trailer, it was sitting in a space near us at Garden of the Gods RV Resort. What???? WHY????

So, true to form, Scott and I got curious and dropped by and this is what we saw in progress. We could not imagine how much work it was going to take to turn this old trailer into a diner! It was filled with foam insulation that required hazmat gear to remove. (You can see more pictures at our website--Mercury Diner.)

Those who know me are well aware that I love a good 'Make Dreams Come True' saga. This one intrigued me from the beginning. Who sees a broken-down trailer and thinks a classic diner? Four humans made it happen! And the food is delicious! Burgers and Dogs with unique twists, wraps, and even Jalepeno Coleslaw.

I know it is not normally on your list to go to an RV Park to eat, but really you should! This is a unique dining experience you just don't want to miss!


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