Vintage RVing: A Labor of Love

I went outside to see the eclipse and found this beauty just two doors down from me. I am not sure how I managed to land in a life where my insatiable curiosity gets fed every single day, but there is seldom a day when I am disappointed. I was excited about the eclipse, but all this shininess and the flamingos were an added bonus.

Meet Walter and Gloria Sams, the delightful couple from Georgia who own this amazing trailer. Gloria, the trailer and I were all born in the same year. 1953 was a great year for beauties! Pictures of her young life in another trailer long ago were displayed just inside the door. She and I appear to both be reliving pieces of our childhood in new and rewarding ways.

They were delighted to show me around, but first I needed a lesson. This trailer is a Spartan Imperial Mansion (not an Airstream as many might mistakenly think). It is also a double ender, meaning it looks the same from the back or front.

The tour was a never ending delight! The woodwork was exquisite! Such a labor of love! I shared my eclipse glasses and they shared their Mansion! That is how we roll in RV land.

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