Where Everyone has a Dog

Meet Weber.

We lived in an RV Park for two years without a dog. I think we were the only ones. Well, there might have been some who wandered through, but really, RV living and dogs go together.

Weber is a small dog. Not all RV dogs are small. Sometimes I am just amazed. Big dogs. Lots of dogs. Sometimes cats. And occasionally a pet pig.

We have travelled with dogs before. Willie was the best dog ever, but it was some time before we could take him in a car and not have him throw up. On our first try, he threw up in Eric’s lap before we got out of town and we had to turn around. We medicated him on one trip we needed to take and he seemed to get over it. Phew.

Then Jarachi entered our family. Best traveler ever! Put him on the ground and he is a bit crazy, put him in a car and he just lays down. Weird. All the way from Colorado to Washington state. Our only ‘crazy’ moment was when we got him out for a potty break and he saw his first horse. OH MY WORD!

And I can't leave out my two other grandpuppies, Lugnut and Duke.

It isn’t always easy to find a place that doesn’t want a deposit equal to an apartment pet deposit. It is one night and one dog. Maybe that is why people travel in RVs? Because they want to take their dog along? We get that here. We are really pet friendly.

Weber’s first day out (with his cone of shame still securely fastened), he greeted a new arrival by peeing at his feet. Welcome! We all laughed. I explained he was only 7 months old and a rescue dog we had just adopted. We all get dogs here. And sometimes pigs.

Everyone wants to know what type of dog he is. We kind of laugh because he seems to be the perfect mix of lots of dogs. His front paws and back paws really don’t seem to belong to the same dog. Everyone can see dachshund in the body and nose. The Humane Society said Terrier mix—I can see that in his ears. His coat is soft and like a small red Golden, but he doesn’t shed. (Yes!) So, dachshund, terrier, golden mix???

Sometimes when I watch him greet the staff and visitors or play with the children (he loves kids!) I smile because he truly landed in dog heaven. I cannot imagine a better dog for us. He is always ready for an adventure but also quite content to lie beside me while I write—until he hears Scott coming. Whine, wiggle, run, jump. He is definitely Scott’s dog. I think we are in love with a dog.

So, if you have a dog and you want to travel with said dog, but not pay deposits, and enjoy your own space as you travel, you may be a great fit for an RV. If you really want to downsize, live in your RV and enjoy spaces where everyone has a dog! And Sometimes a pig.

We finally belong. (But we are NEVER getting a pig.)

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